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Automatic Doors & Traffic Products

ZAMTAS Provides Products & Solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Urban Traffic Managment , VMS & Lighting

Opening Doors Around The World Now and the Future..

High Quality Products selling directly to wholesalers and Installers.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding door operators for framed and frameless glass door entries.  Applications areas include residential , commercial , offices, Hospitals, Public and Industrial areas. Heavy Duty Operators Australian and European Designed. Most of our door operators come with 3 years warranty.

High Speed Roll Up Doors

High Speed Roll up doors designed and made for fast opening and closing of roller doors commonly used to control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, or workshops. These high speed doors provide an efficient solutions for various commercial and industrial applications.

Traffic Lights
Well developed design concept is hard to improve. Our Traffic Signals – complete polycarbonate traffic signal head – remains the state of the art standard in many countries due to its robust design, reliability, and universal usability. Our Traffic Signals can be supplied with different types of LED light sources. Manufactured using UV-stabilized polycarbonate, our Traffic Signal is particularly resistant to mechanical stress, adverse weather conditions and UV radiation. Its modular design and constructional snap elements allow for easy signal maintenance.

available in o 100, 200 and 300 mm
in combination with LED Module optics very low power consumption
proven technology
longevity and robustness of operation
easy access for maintenance
vandal-proof design
any type of lens with customized symbols can be delivered on request

we provide access to all commonly used voltages – 12V, 24V, 42V and 230V.

Automatic Boom Barriers

Traffic Barriers for passages up to 6m, designed and made for different entry/exit control applications including factory entry control, car park entry control , warehouses , housing estate entry control , RFID long range access controlled, ETAG Systems, Avaibale in various boom lenghts and opening and closing speeds. Solar Operated Option is also available.

Featured Products

ZAMTAS Technologies

 Why Choose Us.

1. Automatic Door Operators: Discover the elegance of our Adaptive Series and SW Series automatic doors. Whether it’s the smooth glide of our sliding doors or the efficient swing of our automatic swing doors, each model exemplifies reliability and aesthetic appeal. 

2. Customization at Its Finest: Our expert technicians are dedicated to ensuring that every door is tailored to fit your unique space and needs flawlessly.

3. LED Traffic Lights and Products: Experience seamless control with our gate operators and traffic management solutions, including state-of-the-art traffic barriers and lights, designed for maximum safety and efficiency.

4. Industrial Doors and Security Solutions: Zamtas’s industrial doors, ideal for warehouses and high-security areas, offer unparalleled durability and security, safeguarding your premises like never before.

5. Specialized Doors for Specialized Needs: Our fire-rated doors provide crucial protection in emergencies, while our air showers maintain the sterility of sensitive environments.

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